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DSOM 2000 Online Paper Submission System

Paper Submission is Closed !!

DSOM 2000 paper submissions are done through the Web only.

Instructions for paper submitters :
Authors are requested to submit an electronic version (PDF or Postscript format) of the paper. The PDF format is strongly recommended. Please download a PDF sample, PostScript sample or FrameMaker sample, and use it as a reference.
The following steps are involved in submitting a paper or poster:
  1. Fill out the contact and paper information and then click on the submit button.
  2. When all the required fields have been entered including the file of your paper, you will be asked to verify the information you have entered.
  3. If the entered submission is correct, we recommend that you print out page for your reference, and then you press the confirm button to complete the submission.
If you have read the above instructions, click here to start the submission.

If you run into any problem while submitting a paper, please contact Sook-Hyun Ryu (shryu@postech.ac.kr).

Please send any inquires on DSOM 2000 to TPC Co-Chairs:
Anthony Ambler
Univ. of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas, USA
Email: ambler@mail.utexas.edu
Gautam Kar
IBM Research
Email: gkar@us.ibm.com

If you like to know more information about DSOM 2000, please visit http://dpnm.postech.ac.kr/conf/dsom2000/