CSED702Y: Software-Defined Networking (Spring 2023)


With the rapid growth of Internet (both mobile and wired) and the emergence of various types of Internet services, the demand for bigger and faster network pipes has increased. These required operators to continue to invest more resources on networks increasing the CAPEX and OPEX. At the same time, their revenues and profits have been decreasing, making their survival much more difficult than ever before. Further, the complexity of network operations and management has increased significantly in the past few years. Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging networking technology which promises to reduce CAPEX and OPEX for the network operators. It promises to enable flexible and convenient network operations and management. OpenFlow, which is one of the most popular realizations of SDN, is currently under intensive development and investment by various entities including network device manufacturers and telecommunication service providers. In this class, we will go over the fundamentals of SDN including separation of data/control planes, protocols and controllers. Moreover, we will also study NFV (Network Function Virtualization) which is known to be a first killer app for SDN. We will study relevant research papers and discuss the current trends and latest findings in this emerging area. We will develop SDN controllers and/or applications as a course project.


Prof. James Won-Ki Hong : 054-279-2244, jwkhong_at_postech.ac.kr


Tue. & Thu. 11:00 am-12:15 pm (PIRL-421)


A course on computer networking or telecommunications is required. A course on network managment (e.g., CS607) is recommended. If a student did not take a computer networking course or network management course but wishes to take this course, the student may be admitted under the discretion of the instructor.

Required Texts:

There will not be a required text for this course. Lecture slides will be provided via this course homepage. Research papers will be selected from journals and conferences and distributed to students to read.

Recommended Books:

Suggested Journals and Magazines:

Related Conferences:



Term Project:

Research Papers:

Lectures and Class Presentation & Schedule:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Introduction to Computer Networks
  3. Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  4. Libpcap Library and Programming
  5. Introduction to SDN and OpenFlow
  6. Introduction to Mininet Programming
  7. SDN Switches and Controllers
  8. SDN Application Programming
  9. SDN Applications and Research Challenges
  10. Paper Reading and Presentation
  11. Term Project Proposal
  12. Term Project Presentation, Report (Paper) Submission