AutoMo: Autonomic Management Framework for Mobile Devices based on Autonomic Computing

Goal: Realize the autonomic mobile device management solution

Solution Approach

1. Survey on Autonomic Computing and Autonomic Communication
2. Requirement Analysis of Autonomic Device Management
3. Design of Autonomic Device Management System
4. Implementation
5. Test



MonthWeekJoon-Myung KangChang-Keun Park
August 1st Week
(6 ~ 11)
Survey Related Work (Autonomia, AutoMate, FOCALE, ASA)
Design of AutoMo Framework
Blueprint of AutoMO ver 0.1
Survey Related Work (Autonomic Computing, Autonomic Applications)
Design of AutoMo Framework
2nd Week
(13 ~ 18)
Design of AutoMO Framework
Write research paper of AutoMO
Summarize Related Work (Autonomic Computing)
3rd Week
(20 ~ 25)
4th Week
(27 ~ 31)



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Technical Reports

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